Welcome to The WebReceiver located in Hughesville, Maryland

VisualRadio Server "Free Control Panel"



The following stations are connected directly:

1.   Activate 'Direct IP'
2.  Input as 'Station'
  •    teppodama.com
(Cliff, N3FI, Hughesville, Maryland/ USA)
  •    jg2puw.homeunix.com
(Yoshi, JG2PUW, Inuyama City / Japan)
  •    dl7pz.dtdns.net
(Peter, DL1PZ, Berlin / Germany)
  •   df1kbn.dyndns.org
(Jürgen, DF1KBN, Aachen / Germany)
Currently Jürgen is probably online on weekends only
3.   Press 'ENTER'

To connect to the other stations deactivate the 'Direct IP' box
PCR1000:   Squelch-MAX = 255   Squelch-MIN = 0 !
Please ask before tuning, Thank you

Please be patient - 
   the control will be
   downloaded ONLY        ONCE, 
   about 1 - 2 minutes

  Powerd by VisualRadio Server from Liedtke GmbH

If you do not hear the audio for the N3FI radio, then right click on the Media player and set the "proxy" settings to "teppodama.com"

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